The Union’s General Structure:

  • The Union consists of the President’s Office.
  • The Federation President His Excellency Hossam Darwish.
  • Secretaries
  • Union’s Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt
  • The vice-presidents, from seven to ten vices, assist with the work.
  • Honorary presidents of the union for Africa and Asia.

The Union’s Presidency

The union’s presidency consists of the union’s president, vice presidents and consultants. For example:

  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President for membership
  • Vice President for protocol and international cooperation
  • Vice President for financial and administrative affairs
  • Vice President for research and consultancy
  • Vice President for planning and follow up
  • Vice President for exhibitions and conferences
  • Vice President for industry and commerce
  • Vice president for digital transformation and marketing
  • Vice president for investing and strategic partnerships
  • Vice president for francophone countries and translation
  • Vice president for health
  • Vice president for education and culture
  • Vice president for sustainable development and African investing
  • Vice president for health innovation
  • Vice president for entrepreneurship and youth
  • Counselor of the president for training and membership for the Gulf region
  • Vice president for the environment
  • Counselor of the union for media.

This might differ according to work needs and conditions.