Union Objectives

The Union works to fulfill the aspirations of the peoples of the two continents in terms of economic and integration in all strategic partnerships, investment, business start-up, and the pursuit of localizing knowledge in Africa, using science and research as part of the basics of culture and social life. It works to stimulate local services in the field of development, the tourism organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Trade Organization, effective and efficient in the field of local trade and commerce. It also works to maximize the economic returns of tourism and activate the participation of the private sector and local communities in the tourism development process, adopting the tourism sector as an effective tool to improve citizen income and reduce poverty and unemployment.

Contributing to human development, especially youth and women, and inviting businessmen from all over the world to cooperate with the countries of the two continents to demand that international and regional financing institutions play their role in financing development, and to help provide financial guarantees to enable the private sector to contribute to promoting trade and increasing investment and identify the challenges facing these institutions during their work in a way that contributes to embracing entrepreneurs, whether Asian or African or others, and providing a model for cooperation between the public and private sectors and encouraging participation between the African and Asian private sectors to meet the aspirations for a better future.


The Union also works to lead tourism promotion policies in innovative ways, using the latest in science and technology. It also aims to support the role of tourism and the handicraft and traditional industries and to preserve the craft industries as an integral part of the national heritage To enable them later to contribute to improving the quality of life in their societies, solve the problems facing their countries, and contribute to raising their economic level in all possible ways under the slogan (Union to eliminate poverty and unemployment).

In the field of e-commerce, we are working to remove obstacles that prevent the development of e-commerce. We also propose new legislation that guarantees the rights of the seller and the consumer; It contributes to increasing the volume of e-commerce, and also works to eliminate the obstacles that prevent the spread of e-commerce in the two continents. The new legislation also aims to spread awareness of the importance of culture, and continuous training on everything new in the field of marketing and e-commerce, and motivate citizens to invest in this field and suggest policies related to e-commerce. It also oversees a special program to stimulate e-commerce and coordinate with the concerned authorities to prevent duplication, get rid of obstacles related to e-commerce, and ensure the effective implementation of the e-commerce stimulus program projects and recommendations.

As for the research sector, it works to establish specialized research centers to play a fundamental role in the production of knowledge and scientific research, and the resulting applications in terms of directing and formulating the general policy of states in its various fields; Economic, social, political, educational, and others. The union will also support and protect workers in all these sectors.