AFASU Training Programs

The training authorities in the African Asian Union (AFASU) have made great efforts to provide all the needs that would be developing and refining the managerial resources, in view of the attention paid by the (AFASU) Training Department to human resources as the driving force for the renaissance of any country in the world, the basis of sustainable development and the pillar of civilization.

Specialists seek to develop policies, programs, plans and strategies that develop human resources due to the fruitful benefits that accrue to the Union and African and Asian countries in the future.

The training programs developed by the union’s experts are an example of this interest that would be helpful in gaining useful knowledge, the required experience and the necessary technical skills required by the labor market.

Moreover, those programs, which have been carefully developed by the training experts of the Afro-Asian Union, aim to build the ability to acquire diverse skills in all fields and in the field of information and communication technology to enrich the growing awareness about it in the surroundings of governments and societies.

The “high-level training” program, which was developed by careful consideration, revolves around subjecting each trainee to a training program that suits his abilities by evaluating his current level of experience, training him accordingly and granting him an approved certificate after fulfilling the study plan specified for him.

This training contributes to empowering the trainee or employee by using what he has learned to develop himself and his abilities, to improve the effectiveness of his performance and to accomplish his tasks in an interactive and fruitful manner.

Those training programs are really specified for those looking for excellence and advancement in all fields.

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