AFASU (Afro-Asian) Research and Consultation Center:

The AFASU Research and Consultation Center will contribute to deepening the general dialogue, supporting the decision-making process, and supporting the scientific researches related to the future trends which represent a serious problem in the absence of instability and unpredictability of the current phase.

It contributes to avoiding any “future shocks”, as much as possible.

   In this regard, the Centre focuses on trends that may contribute to forming the future, particularly, the non-traditional ideas or “unformed” manifestations. 

   AFASU Center works on promoting the Rational Methodological Researches to be able to understand the issues of countries and societies.

  It also adopts an upgrading vision of Afro-Asian societies, committed to the issues of nations and societies throughout many theoretical and applied scientific researches and developing the mother tongue and the original languages, throughout using them in the social sciences and humanities.

   The Center’s premise is that ‘’Evolution is the advancement of a particular society, a human development of all groups in society, in its historical circumstances, its culture, its language, and through its interaction with other cultures’’.

Spotlighting this vision, the Center attempts, through its various academic activities, are to identify and analyze the economic, political, social and cultural situations in African and Asian continents, countries and societies, to study social, economic and cultural policies, and to analyze the politics and general policies, rationally.

    It deals with the challenges facing the nations in terms of citizenship and identity, democracy and totalitarianism, fragmentation and unity, sovereignty and dependency, social justice, scientific and technological stagnation, the development and cooperation of societies and countries, and, more generally, societal issues in various fields

   The Center’s perspectives are not confined to the scientific researches issues only, but they are also concerned with the political, economic and media of Africa , Asia , their communities, and their relationship with  surroundings countries in America and Europe , that affect it, in all fields ,politically, economically and in media ones.

The Role of the AFASU sector of researches, studies and consultancy:

– The first step in this sector (whether for the countries offices, the union presidency or the General Secretariat of the Union) is to think about establishing  a research center to be considered as an integrated advisory unit that provides its services to the governments, institutions, companies and individuals who contribute in developing the society ,in all scientific fields.

– Many branches may emerge from this sector; Whereas, the research areas which this sector will work on, will cover all fields of interest to the two continents.

These researches should help provide ‘up-to-date’ information that could help the concerned authorities in various fields. The sector must also cooperate with all agencies, whether governmental or private to identify, plan, implement and evaluate researches activities, and provide advisory services in the researches and development field to all parties, moreover , It would provide advisory services in the field of researches and development to all entities with less fees in various fields.

The objectives of this sector should be determined as follows:

-Carrying out an objective serious scientific researches; that address the political, social, environmental, security, health and commercial science and technology issues that are geographically and politically linked with the African and Asian continents in general.

– Facilitating the reform steps in the countries of the two continents, ensuring a better future, encouraging communication and cooperation between peoples, and disseminating all available information about the countries of the two continents.

-Dissemination of knowledge and scientific researches in the countries of the two continents and abroad, including scientific brochures dealing with topics related to this sector.

-Promoting dialogue among specialized scientists on both African and Asian affairs, whether inside or outside the two continents, with full monitoring and coverage of current events and developments in all African and Asian countries , as published and broadcasted by the media and making them available for scientific research purposes.

-Preparing studies and providing experts advices to governmental and non-governmental organizations in various fields, emphasizing the importance of scientific researches as the most successful means of support and decision making.

– Highlighting the role that could be played to help policy makers in Africa and Asia to formulate and implement effective policies by providing them with evidence-based analysis and recommendations.

-Encouraging researches and researchers, forming specialized scientific networks, exchanging experiences among researchers, and encouraging cooperative and applied research between scientific institutions, organizations and universities in Africa and Asia.

– Paying attention to the conditions and concerns of the Afro-Asian community, highlighting them, and seeking urgent and effective solutions to them.

-Upgrading the African and Asian continents to the position they deserve by caring for the human being issues.

-Strengthening ties and relations between researchers from the two continents and building bridges of communication between them.

-Encouraging cooperation between agencies, international institutions, the private and public sectors, and governments to carry out the objectives of the AFASU union.

-Helping to benefit from the results of research and studies, completed in solving both technical and environmental problems, and achieving the stake of sustainable development.

– Linking the activity of the “Afro-Asian” scientific community to its cultural, historical and intellectual roots; To enable it to rebuild its scientific and cognitive entity, and to invest it in achieving a new successful cultural start.

-Encouraging scientific journalism and forming it in a good method, based on the bases of quality and honesty.

– Highlighting the positive intellectual, scientific, social and historical contribution and activities of the scientific community to be clear aiming to raise the morale of its members, to embrace their innovative ideas and evolutionary initiatives and to encourage their contributions and promising initiatives.

-Conducting specialized studies in “Afro-Asian” affairs and developing mechanisms to advance them, in order to fill the significant lack concerning this type of important research studies.

– Accelerate the production of ideas rather than focusing on policies

-Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops specialized in the production , dissemination of knowledge and thoughts.

– Publishing magazines, printed and electronic books.

-Attracting qualified researchers and experienced people to support them, raise their level and develop their skills in training courses and exchanging experiences between international scientific and research centers.

-Holding an annual forum for brainstorming and innovation to support the authors who would come up with innovative ideas and write them down to implement them in the worldwide reality.