Research, Studies, and Consultancy Division

The first step in this Division aims to establishing a research-center for the federation acting as an Integrative Consultancy Unit that provides its services to governments, institutions, companies, and individuals in all different scientific fields, contributing to the community’s service and development.

It is possible for many branches to emerge from this Division as the fields of research, that this division will work on, must cover all branches of interest in the two continents.

These researches should help in providing modern information, aiding the concerned authorities in various fields. It should organize the Division’s work with all agencies, whether governmental or the private sector. This division is to define, plan, implement, and evaluate research activities. Also, provide advisory services in the fields of research and development to all parties with reduced and subsidized fees. Therefore, we will leave the head of this sector to define its branches himself, knowing that the objectives of this sector are to be specified as follows.


Research, Studies, and Consultancy Division has certain objectives, including:
  • Carrying out serious and objective scientific researches dealing with political, social, environmental, security, health, and commercial issues, as well as science and technology issues, that are geographically and politically related to the countries of the African and Asian continents in general.
  • Facilitating reform steps in the countries of the two continents, ensuring a better future, encouraging communication and cooperation between people, and disseminating all (available) necessary information on the countries of the two continents.
  • Disseminating and spreading knowledge and scientific research in the countries of the two continents and beyond, including scientific manuals that deal with issues related to this sector.
  • Encouraging dialogue between specialized scholars on African and Asian affairs, whether inside or outside the two continents, with full monitoring and coverage of current events and developments in African and Asian countries as published and broadcasted by local, regional, and international media, and making them available for scientific research purposes.
  • Preparing studies and providing expert advice to governmental and non-governmental organizations in various fields with an emphasis on the importance of scientific research as the most successful way to support the decision.
  • Highlighting research centers’ roles in helping decision-makers in Africa and Asia to take effective decisions and apply them by providing decision-makers with research and scientific evidence.
  • Encouraging research and researchers, as well as creating networks between researchers to exchange data and experiences. Also, encouraging the exchange of research data between educational institutions in Africa and Asia.
  • Taking care of the African-Asian societal problems and look forward to having solutions for them.
  • Taking human rights into consideration which will put Africa and Asia in a well-deserved place.
  • Encouraging cooperation between global institutions, public and private sectors as well as governments to achieve goals of the union.
  • Benefiting from research results by solving technical problems and achieving sustainability.
  • Linking societal activity in Africa and Asia with its culture and historical heritage to be able to achieve new civilization and development.
  • Encouraging scientific journalism on the basis of having high quality and transparency.
  • Highlighting the positive aspects of the scientific community’s contributions to achieve awareness and encourage them to have more innovative thoughts and contributions.
  • Having dedicated research to African-Asian issues in order to fill the need for this type of research.
  • Develop ideas instead of focusing on policies.
  • Organizing scientific conferences and seminars to spread scientific awareness.
  • Publishing print and online scientific books and magazines.
  • Taking care of skilled and experienced researchers and supporting them through providing courses and exchange of experience between global research centers.
  • Organizing an annual forum for creativity and innovation to support creative people to apply their innovative thoughts.

Advantages for Researchers and Academics

  • Providing sales and marketing data to researchers.
  • Conducting statistical analysis of handicraft sales indicators.
  • Work to complete the questionnaires required to develop and market a handicraft related to African-Asian heritage.
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, and training courses held by the Council.
  • Every member has the right to obtain a card and membership certificate.
  • Publishing research papers and scientific papers related to handicrafts by researchers and marketing them.
  • Using distinguished research papers in the marketing plan and registering them in the name of the researcher.
  • Newsletters and publications of the Union.