Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today, We live in a world whose borders have become open, not only in the geographical sense, but also in the technological sense, and this is what forced us to be more open and cooperative to face the challenges that hinder development, especially in the African and Asian continents.

The more we interact together via meetings and conferences or the transfer of modern technologies, the more we contribute to the exchange of information ,the transfer of knowledge and the provision of solutions to develop life and improve livelihoods.

While living at the era of globalization and freedom of trade, the matter requires us to support local industry and trade in order to be more competitive, by creating the environment that increases the investment and creating a good environment for investors means putting into consideration the measures which ensure that products are not exposed to the policy of dumping and unfair competition.

The meeting with His Excellency Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi, President of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) was based on the discussion of the idea of ​​forming an entity that contributes to dispelling difficulties and assessing scientific and practical solutions.

This meeting had a pivotal role in detonating the idea of ​​establishing the African-Asian Union for Tourism, Handicraft and Traditional Industries, Electronic Commerce and Research (AFASU), especially after studying the great efforts made by the leaders of the lookalike federations, organizations and institutions towards serving our societies despite the scarcity of financial resources and the absence of coordination between these parties, which led to the absence of tangible realistic results.

However, based on my experience in the field of joint Arab work organizations and international federations, and after studying and analyzing the reality, in addition to identifying the points of strengths and weaknesses, also the possibility of making benefits and investing opportunities to face challenges and threats, the idea of ​​establishing the federation came out.

It was welcomed and approved by His Excellency, affirming his support for us to achieve the goals we aspire to achieve.

Our Union is a branch of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), which is a non-governmental organization that held its founding conference in Cairo in 1957 and was permanently located there. Moreover, The (AAPSO) has associate member committees in Europe and Latin America.

The vision of the African Asian Union for Tourism, Handicrafts and Traditional Industries, E-Commerce and Research (AFASU) was emerged to constitute an integral role with the parent organization (AAPSO) based on its goals to promote the culture of education, creative thought and peace.

 It also promotes the economy, sustainable and social development, courtesy of human rights, and ensures gender equality.

Therefore, I think it is necessary for us to work together to implement development projects, linkage and inter-integration projects between us across the African and Asian continents, so that this union becomes an ideal mechanism to link our two continents and peoples.

This role can only be achieved by directing the necessary resources to eradicate poverty, unemployment and bureaucracy.

As a result, it leads to the rationalization of structural spending and raising the share of projects from financial funds, especially programs that aims at achieving inclusion, stimulating production, caring for specific sectors in society, and achieving sustainable development that forms a social challenge rather than an environmental one.

Much more progress is needed within human capabilities by spreading the awareness of the united nations’ sustainable development goals, and contributing to their implementation in societies,

It’s impossible for any of us to pass one single day without having an impact on the world around him/her.

Everything a person performs, makes a difference, whether in a negative or positive way, so we have to determine the type of difference that we want to make tangible in society, as it is the only place where we all meet and share it together.

I hope that this desired renovation will represent a step forward towards achieving integration and partnership between the countries of both continents, and that this partnership will develop through the projects of the African-Asian Union (AFASU) so that people in Africa and Asia can enjoy affiliation and prosperous life from the returns of these partnerships.

The prospects for the future are unlimited, and there is no doubt that the (AFASU) Union possesses several keys to fulfill success in the future.

 We are willing to follow in the footsteps of the path that was laid by the founders of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) more than sixty years ago.

Egypt, “the headquarters state of the parent organization(AAPSO) and of our union(AFASU),” has always affirmed by its leader, His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, when he was the president of the African Union, its belonging to the African continent and the common destiny, and the belief that the success of our African countries will be achieved when the political wills on the continent are united.

Let us jointly achieve the development goals together, in which we rely on sharing resources and taking care of our youth and African women, thus preparing the future and its promising opportunities for future generations, as His Excellency emphasized in his speech delivered by the Prime Minister of Egypt at that time, Eng. Ibrahim Mahleb, to the plenary session of the Afro-Asian Summit in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

He said: “Egypt pays great attention to its relations with African and Asian countries, which it seeks to develop and support at all levels.

 In this context, Egypt affirms the great importance to its relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations “ASEAN”, which hosts Indonesia its headquarters and that works to achieve the economic development which is one of the basic purposes that we all as developing countries must strive to achieve”.

Without this economic development, our peoples will not be able to move one step forward, or have a political influence internationally.

Consequently, we confirm on the need to continue the cooperation between us, and strive for enhancing and intensifying this cooperation, especially in the economic fields, for the benefit of our peoples”.

I take this opportunity to express my great confidence in you and in our International Federation because it includes scholars and experts in all fields, academics, businessmen and all groups of society from different nationalities in the two continents.

Our Experts are able to achieve the mission, vision and goals of the Union, hoping that we will work together to achieve these goals and coordinate our efforts to prepare a person who is able to serve his nation, preserve the unity of culture and civilization, and develop the human resources to achieve its aspirations.

 I confirm on the necessity of activating studies and scientific research and enhancing cooperation between all parties.

I also believe that youth are the future of nations and the fuel that moves all nations, pushes them forward, and leads them to leading positions among countries in all fields.

Believing that union, strength, science, and instilling good values ​​in the minds of their youth is the way for the promotion of our beloved homelands.

The African-Asian Union for Tourism, Handicrafts and Traditional Industries, E-Commerce and Research (AFASU) with all its components and all its workers provides all the assistance and support through various sectors of the Union for youth and entrepreneurs to come out with a highly degreed young people with specialized knowledge, creative, technical skills and personal behaviors. They would be capable of giving and giving in a way that achieves advancement and progress for our dear homelands.

Thus, our goal in the “African-Asian Union for Tourism, Crafts and Traditional Industries, E-Commerce and Research” (AFASU) is to achieve comprehensive development in our societies based on eliminating poverty and unemployment in addition to improving livelihoods while protecting the environment and developing the capabilities of individuals.

In conclusion, the Asian African Union for Tourism, Handicrafts, E-Commerce and Research (AFASU) will spare no effort in carrying this noble message as its contribution to supporting the development process in the African and Asian continents.

Dr.Hossam Darwish


      African Asian  Union for Tourism, Handicrafts,

      Research and E-Commerce (AFASU)