Our Vision

The vision of AFASU is reflected in the total improvement of the African-Asian society, with offices for the union across Africa and Asia. The union thrives to gain appreciation from all members, as well as having loyal, dedicated, and cooperative members for a better future to the African-Asian citizens. Moreover, showing a positive picture of citizens, their added value, and accomplishments which certainly will show African-Asian citizens’ strong effect on the whole world.  The union is working on minimizing poverty and unemployment. Moreover, it aims to achieve social justice and development.

Providing the citizens with a decent life and work opportunities, good health and education standards, clean water, and a growing economy, eradicating poverty and hunger. Creating a balance between consumption and production, reducing inequality, and spreading peace and justice through partnerships that achieve the goals of sustainable development.

In addition to human development, especially youth and women as well as inviting investors from around the world to cooperate with African and Asian countries through organizing with international financial institutions to help these countries by financing them. This will help the private sector to develop commerce and have more investments.

Moreover, it will help entrepreneurs from African and Asian countries through presenting an image of cooperation between private and public sectors.