Ladies & Gentlemen, citizens of Asia and Africa

I would like to appreciate the steps that have taken place during the last period within the framework of the process of establishing the main structure of the union as well as establishing the structure of countries, and to extend my greetings and thanks to everyone who contributed to the establishment of this union, headed by His Excellency Minister Dr. And thanks to Dr. Hossam Darwish, the president of the federation and the owner of the idea of ​​establishing this federation.

He wished everyone success in their tasks in light of this difficult period fraught with various challenges and difficulties, foremost of which comes the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and activating the recommendations for institutional, financial, and administrative reform of the African Union.

While the Afro-Asian Union stresses the importance of relying on the constitution of the APASO as the governing constitution of the Afro-Asian Union as well as the member states, taking into account the full mandate of the member states in the reform process, we stress the importance of working with the organizational structure of employment with a commitment to the observance of quotas and shares in jobs.

Thinking about integration between the continents of Asia and Africa is inseparable from regional integration. The continental program for infrastructure development, with its ambitious projects, such as the Cairo-Cape Town axis project, and the project to link the Mediterranean with Lake Victoria, represents the most prominent cornerstone in achieving the desired integration and integration. And an essential pillar for the activation of the Continental Free Trade Area. Perhaps Egypt's pioneering experience under the leadership of its leader, leader / Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in developing infrastructure projects is an example that we are pleased to share with our brothers on both continents, as a tool for promoting stability and development in Africa.

On the other hand, achieving sustainable development in the continents of Asia and Africa will only be achieved by protecting our African countries and societies from the spread of terrorism and the phenomena associated with it, perhaps the most dangerous of which is smuggling and the spread of arms and the growth of organized crime, human trafficking, and illegal immigration. Whereas, facing these challenges and problems requires all African countries to combine all efforts,

There is no doubt that the adoption of the African Union’s initiative to silence the guns, which began in 2020, aims to eliminate all conflicts and conflicts on the continent by preparing clear implementation frameworks that address the roots of conflicts and contribute to reconstruction and development in the post-conflict period, as well as the efforts made by the political leadership. Holding meetings with various forces to work towards convergence of views, the reconstruction of Palestine and Iraq, and the cessation of conflicts in both Libya and Syria represents a cornerstone in achieving stability across the two continents, through building the institutions of the national state and enabling it to carry out its tasks, preserve its capabilities, and help its peoples move towards development and prosperity, which calls for the need to unite all regional and international efforts to support the security and stability of the two continents and to upgrade their institutional capabilities in various fields. The national state is the vessel that guarantees the security and stability necessary for sustainable development,

 I would also like to emphasize Egypt's full support for achieving the desired goals of advancing the Afro-Asian Union and its institutions, supporting Agenda 2063 and its first ten-year plan, as well as implementing the entitlements of the 2021 theme.

Arts, Culture and Heritage. In this context, I would like to emphasize the importance of protecting our Afro-Asian heritage and constructive promotion of culture, especially since we are in the process of opening several cultural, archaeological, and museum projects, especially the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will be the largest museum in the world.

There is no doubt that the Corona pandemic poses a great challenge to our esteemed union, which requires more solidarity and solidarity among our peoples and governments in order to control the spread of this virus and limit its dangerous repercussions on the lives and future of our people and children. While we value the role played by the African Union Center for Disease Control and Epidemiology, the African Coronavirus Response Fund, and the African Working Group on Vaccines, we welcome the invitation to Egypt to join this group, and we affirm our keenness to assume our responsibilities in an effort to provide vaccines to the countries of the continent.

On the occasion of the launch of this website, I ask everyone everywhere to come together

The AAU does not only stand with you... It belongs to you. Let us all support the solid values ​​enshrined in the AAU Constitution.

The vision of the Afro-Asian Union is to pioneer the comprehensive development of the Afro-Asian community and to work towards the union's growth in size and influence. And that through the opening of offices for the Federation in all parts of the two continents. It is also highly appreciated by the members; Individuals, institutions, organizations, governments, and countries with a high level of loyalty and activity.

The vision is also to work as a team for a bright future for the Afro-Asian peoples and to project a positive mental image of the peoples and their achievements at the hands of their citizens who represent an influential force in the global arena. We also see that our union works to eradicate poverty and unemployment; To empower workers, women, and children for a better life. And that every citizen has the right to a secure job and a good education, in addition to clean energy and clean water, and a real opportunity for economic growth,

The two continents can take advantage of this demographic dividend by investing in quality education, teacher training, technology and innovation, and a balance between consumption and production, and that economic injustice is not an intractable problem; It can even be resolved. This is in addition to contributing to achieving social justice and sustainable development in an atmosphere of love and solidarity.

In conclusion, I can only express my aspiration to achieve integration between the peoples of the two continents in various fields to achieve the desired development that is in the interest of the Afro-Asian peoples, in the hope of meeting.