AFASU Economic Consultancy and feasibility study center:

AFASU Economic Consultancy and feasibility study center will be one of the most specialized centers in the field of economic studies, financial analysis, evaluation of new and existing projects and feasibility studies for many economic projects in the continents of Asia and Africa.

AFASU center will always play an important role in shaping the economic map and provide projects that represent real investment opportunities in the Africa and Asia AFASU’S influential role is also in implementing and applying the commercial companies law practically and everything related to the legal aspects of establishing and developing economic projects.

our experts have been creating strategies, studies, reports, valuable testimonies with essential recommendations for government authorities and leading firms and corporations.

Our areas of expertise include:

Our customers depend on the credibility and high efficiency of our economic consultants, in addition to the experts backed by the world’s largest economic consulting centers.

Our valued customers include Investors, Businessmen, Companies and Economic firms, Governmental & semi-governmental agencies, Local and regional organizations, international companies