Livelihoods & Employees’ Protection Division

The Livelihood Improvement Sector

The Livelihood Sector that may subsidize to the following branches:

  • The Livelihood Sector that may subsidize to the following branches:
  • The human resources management branch
  • The social cooperation department and unification of efforts branch
  • The natural resources management Branch
  • The Exploitation of available tools and resources branch
  • The investment and strategic partnerships branch
Employees Welfare Sector
  • Health care and health insurance branch
  • Training and rehabilitation Branch
  • Insurance branch in times of crisis
  • Social Welfare branch
  • Productivity and Quality Branch
Note: The previous branches of the livelihood improvement sector are just an example, and it is possible to change these names according to the vision of the sector head.

Division Objectives

Livelihoods and Employees’ Protection Division has certain objectives, including:

  • Rehabilitation and restoration of the social and economic infrastructure with the support of local community development committees.
  • Create temporary job opportunities through community development projects, value chain development, and leadership training.
  • Establishing facilities in various sub-sectors through community development committees.
  • Improving the livelihood of women and youth through cash-for-work programs.
  • Creating job opportunities through labor market studies and skills training, especially among women.
  • Establishing small enterprises through business training and providing the requirements for establishing them.
  • Establishing insurance funds that protect workers and employees in times of crisis, as per what happened with workers in the tourism sector at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the crisis resulted.