E-Commerce & E-marketing Division

This Division is a very strategic and vital one as it resembles the future. Branches covering all areas of e-commerce should come into action, including for example:

  • Training and Rehabilitation Branch
  • Trade and Sites branch
  • The strategic partnerships branch
  • Technical Department Branch
  • The legalization of electronic commerce transactions and consumer protection branch
  • Government Relations and Electronic Payment Branch


E-Commerce & E-marketing Divison has certain objectives, including:
  • Spreading awareness about the importance of e-commerce for the economy in the whole world.
  • Cooperate with governmental and private institutions to spread awareness about e-commerce by making workshops in this sector. This will help commercial and industrial institutions to lower production cost and open new markets.
  • Cooperation of the private and public sectors to spread awareness about e-commerce. Also, educational institutions have to help in this process.
  • Organizing workshops and conferences to know about e-commerce updates and digital marketing.
  • Encouraging businessmen to invest in e-commerce as well as digital marketing projects.
  • Keeping up to date in the e-commerce sector and benefiting from global projects in this sector.
  • Specifying what's needed in order to benefit from e-commerce technology, as well as applying it for a better economy.
  • Specifying necessities for protecting online personal privacy.
  • Providing governmental services online with the name e-government.
  • Having an online shopping service on which commercial projects can be completed.
  • Creating websites for companies and factories to be able to market their products, sell them domestically, and abroad.
  • Spreading awareness for e-commerce and encouraging investors to invest in this technology.
  • Providing services to help the application of e-commerce, such as improving mail services and specifying governmental and commercial addresses.
  • Spreading awareness about the advantages of e-commerce and highlighting its safety and security.
  • Training skilled human capital in this sector to meet the needs for the increasing usage of e-commerce technology.
  • Doing research in e-commerce to have a better understanding of how to benefit from this technology.
  • Creating a database for e-commerce new information and how to benefit from it practically.
  • Following e-commerce activities that is made by regional and international organizations.
  • Working to eliminate digital illiteracy in Africa and Asia.
  • Training youth to work in the e-commerce sector.