Country Offices

Each of the African-Asian countries shall have a President of the Union in his country directly reporting to the General Union. The administration of the union will be responsible for traveling to the Union’s Local-Office of each country and training those in charge of it in how to manage it to achieve its desired goals.

The Country Office role and its president in each country:

  • Supervises the financial and administrative aspects of the state bureau.
  • Is responsible for managing the union and employing staff.
  • Attend administrative meetings
  • Opens the Country Office sat his own expenses until the union maximizes its revenues.
  • Gives tasks for heads of the eight sectors and has the right to open a new sector if found to be necessary. However, a written document has to be submitted and agreed upon by the general president. Moreover, the Country Office president is responsible for putting long and short-term plans to achieve the goals of the union.
  • Work with his team to increase members of the union
  • Work to maximize financials for the union through putting creative ideas
  • Working to have various sources of financing for achieving programs.
  • Paying to have various partnerships with the private sector and civilized community to maximize financial resources for development.
  • Working with responsible parties to revise financial priorities of the Country Office to maximize the benefits gained through putting plans and programs for development.
  • Putting plans and resources for the development of human capital to achieve necessary objectives of sustainable development.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation department for better economic development by organizing with responsible institutions.
  • Organizing exhibitions and markets according to certain regulations and laws after having an agreement with responsible parties.
  • Maximizing relations with institutions and different local parties as well as African, Asian, and international parties.
  • Involving the private sector in social responsibility.
  • Spreading awareness of the union’s activities and objectives, governmental institutions as well as chambers of commerce and industry in the country.
  • Exhibitions, conferences, and workshops.

AFASU's Country Office Initiation

    • President of the union’s country office
    • Secretarial office of the president.
    • Up to 10 vice presidents for the union’s president taking into consideration different specializations.
    • Up to 6 assistants to the president, each according to his/her specialization.
    • Directors of the eight Divisions and each Director is authorized to assign from two to six assistants or Branch head.

The President of each Union State Office is accountable to transfer the Initial Membership Fees to the General Union in full for the workforce in his country, with a minimum Permit of eleven members.