AFASU Membership

Become a member and part of the African-Asian union for Tourism, Crafts, Research, and E-commerce. Together, we work to achieve sustainable development and transformational change. Join the driving change with AFASU and be at the forefront of contributors to improve livelihoods in African-Asian societies.

Membership Advantages

It’s an international umbrella through which you can voice your
opinion. It is also a network of domestic and international countries from
which members can achieve a real change. 

We will be your representatives, as well as your organization or your institution in front of the governments and official bodies.

  • We will provide training and awareness courses, various practical exercises, seminars, exhibitions, trade visits, and consultations of all kinds to members.
  • You can communicate directly with all our members by directly accessing their data.
  • You will have a great opportunity for cooperation or employment opportunities by participating in a well-known organization working for the benefit of the handicraft industry on the level of the African and Asian continents.
  • We will facilitate all kinds of local, regional, and international contacts and be the link between our members, governmental institutions, and other international organizations.
  • Include your name, company, or organization name in our member directory and our website.
  • You can receive guidance and advice from the leading experts, who are members of our board.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in the annual African-Asian handicraft fair.
  • You can benefit from posting advertisements, vacancies, etc. for free in the Council’s monthly electronic newsletter.
  • Continuing education: Our council will find an opportunity for you to learn and be informed of everything new for you, your employees, and your friends through our conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events.
  • Professional development: Your participation with us as a member is an opportunity for professional development, learning, and skill-building for you and your employees, as well as for participation and candidacy in African-Asian committees and its branches as well as its board of directors.
  • Sections and branches: You will be able to access all sections and branches of the website and the names of the divided members and which are classified highly and efficiently. It will provide you with focused mailing lists to share with everyone the valuable and professional information with high professionalism.
  • Professional networks: Enhance and strengthen the professional network of your organization and demonstrate the importance of organizational support and participation in our program to improve livelihoods in African and Asian societies.
  • Weekly electronic newsletters detailed new opportunities, exhibitions, our activities, reminders, deadlines, and more about that … etc.
  • You will have the opportunity to display, prom ote, and sell your craftswork, as well as professional training through our large e-commerce site to be established soon.
  • You will always be updated on all developments in the world of handicrafts and traditional industries in the African and Asian continents and the world.
  • Together, we will achieve what we hope for: a better world. Teamwork is better than individual work? Joining us and participate in our working groups, where we facilitate interactive exchange, conversations, and exchange of experiences on “hot” topics related to crafts and livelihoods, human capital, family members, active work, education, knowledge, and skills.
  • If you need help with a certain technology or want to meet other craftsmen, our membership is the perfect fit for you.
  • Obtaining the council’s official membership card.
  • Offering free training grants to members.
  • Providing guidance and counseling services for workers in product development and quality in the use of raw materials.
  • Preparing the market feasibility study and business development plan for handicraft projects.
  • Provide commercial and useful information to assist members.
  • Providing advice and professional services to members in the fields of technology.
  • Modernization and improvement of design, standards, and specifications of products and innovation in general.
  • Organizing foreign visits (very good prices) for its members to explore opportunities in international markets.
  • To coordinate between the exporters and the government, at the local level, villages, and cities across African-Asian countries, etc.
  • Free access to online professional development courses that will connect you with best practices in exporting, marketing, and online sales.

Membership Fees

• Each member (individual) pays $ 150 as an annual subscription to the union, and each new member pays an additional $ 20 paid once upon joining for the first time as joining fees.

• Each institution, or company, or association pays 250 dollars as an annual subscription to the union, and each new institution pays 70 dollars, paid once upon joining for the first time as joining fees.

The Required Papers:

  • Fill out the required membership application form. Abide by the constitution of the federation. Commit to submitting the general work plan for each sector within two months from the date of joining the union and accepting membership.
  • Acceptance of membership is never taken into consideration except from the General Union with the presence of the name, resume summary, a photo of the member, and the membership serial number on the Federation’s website, which is the only evidence that a person is a member of the Federation.

Membership fees for all groups, whether individuals, companies, bodies, organizations, or governments are mentioned in the membership form.